My Adventures at the Mall: Celebrating National Shoe Week

When you talk about “shoes” many different people automatically think many different things. I for one have never been a “shoe” person, though I admit I love a cute pair of shoes. When the folks at Stoneridge Mall asked me to write a post about “Celebrating National Shoe Week” I figured I could come up with something.

As a mom I have come to reassess my shoe buying standards to something more than just if they look good and I can squeeze my feet into them. I need shoes that are practical, comfortable and affordable. Even more that I need shoes that fit the season. I don’t mean that in a fashion forward kind of season, I mean winter, spring, and summer fall kind of season. I am also weary of shopping for my kids as well because as any mom knows, kids grow FAST. I am always looking for good sturdy shoes that do not cost and arm and a leg because I know that despite how great the shoes are, they will be out them in less than a year.

So what’s a mom to do? Go to the mall. Continue reading “My Adventures at the Mall: Celebrating National Shoe Week”


The End of An Era

Today was a bittersweet day in the history of daytime television; it was the end of an era. It was the end of One Life to Live a soap opera that had been running weekdays for the last 44 years. It debuted 10 years before I was born.

Like most modern soap opera fans my earliest memories include One Life to Live in the background. Summer vacations, sick days from school all included spending an hour with the folks on One Life to Live. My mom was always a soap fan, and because soap fandom, is genetic and always passed down from generation to generation eventually I was too. Continue reading “The End of An Era”

The Kids Are All Right

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I picked up this month’s book for the From Left to Write book club, The Kids are All Right. I got through it in one weekend, partly because it was such an easy read. Told from the viewpoint of four siblings they recount the difficult childhood they managed to survive after losing both parents one right after the other.

I can’t say that I can relate to losing my parents when I was a kid. Because I didn’t. I grew up with both parents in a pretty normal suburban upbringing. But surprisingly I did find some things in this book that I could relate to. Continue reading “The Kids Are All Right”

Happy Banned Book Week!

Books, books, and books. Where would I be without them? WHO would I be without them? It’s an eerie thought.

There are only three kinds of people in this world who ban books.  Granted this theory may be slighted tainted by pop culture, but you’ll get the point.

  1. Crazy church going folk’s ala Footloose.
  2. Crazy Nazis ala Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (oh and World History 101)
  3. Crazy Fictional Governments ala Fahrenheit 451 (a book which I read in school but has ironically been banned in many districts over the years). Continue reading “Happy Banned Book Week!”

Top 10 Songs to Send Your Child off to School By

Top 10 Songs to Send Your Child off to School By

I have recently found myself facing one of the biggest milestones a parent can reach while raising children, my young son will be entering Kindergarten. As any of you who have been through this, or will soon be facing it know, it is something that fills you with a myriad of emotions.

On one hand, I find myself brimming with excitement. PTA meetings, school plays, homework, watching my son grow from a boy into a young man. What’s not to look forward to? Other times I look at him, and all I see is that sweet blue-eyed boy that we brought home from the hospital five short years ago. How can I send my baby out into the world? Will one of those little girls running around be the first to break his heart? Will he stand up to his first bully, or have his spirit broke by him? Will he enjoy school, or will he rebel against it?

It’s so difficult to not know these answers, but know that I have to let him go anyway. There are parents out there reading this who are feeling this too. Maybe its not Kindergarten, maybe you’re sending yours off to college, or for some of you, you’re baby is getting married. Whichever one you’re facing, it’s still the same.

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