Friday Round-Up

What a busy week! I was lucky enough to have my niece and brother come visit for a few days which led to some fun days in the sun and some very tired kiddos. But I managed to get some work done also and since I’m making a real effort to start posting regularly on my blog again, I’m going back to doing my Friday Round-up of places I was writing this week!

Over at Life360:

Over on SheHeroes:

Have a great weekend!

Inspiring Girls at SheHeroes

She Can Be Anything She Wants to Be

On Fridays I like to do a round up of work stuff that I did through out the week. But today I’m going to focus on one project.  I am now working as the New Media Director for SheHeroes, an amazing Non-profit organization that is helping to inspire the youth of today into becoming the heroes of tomorrow.

SheHeroes showcases first person interviews with some amazing women to help show young tweens that they don’t have to be locked into the traditional female roles, but can actually become anything they want to be. Read More