Friday Round Up

Another busy week here at the homestead. Though admittedly it’s a little sad as the new school is ever looming. But we managed to find some fun stuff to do around town.

Tuesday we took a walk through Sycamore Grove and played in the creek enjoying some classic Mark Twain type moments.

Then Tuesday night Patrick & I headed over to Wente Vineyards where we rocked out to Huey Lewis & The News on a perfect summer night.

Thursday was back to school shopping and another trip to Sycamore Grove with Grandpa!

But Hey, I worked too! Read more

What I Did This Week

For a short week it actually was a pretty long week…. But I managed to keep myself busy. I actually cleaned the house. That’s right turned my nose up at deadlines and opted to clean my house. Kind of clean. Just don’t go in my office. It’s not really an office anymore, its more of a storage… but I digress.

Memorial Day weekend was awesome. Kids spent a couple of days with my dad while Allen & I went to Aptos where he played a show at the Verve Lounge with Big Cat Tolefree and Tia Carroll, who are both pretty amazing.

I met up with the folks from Passbox and am looking forward to doing some work with them to bring you (and when I say YOU I mean those of YOU who live in Livermore) some really awesome deals from local businesses. Check in with them and me on Facebook in the coming weeks.

We put up a Rope swing!

I got a visit from an old friend and her kids which is always a treat.

And Thursday night I hosted my first WomenCount Radio in a couple of weeks. I talked to New Mexico State Legislator Karen Giannini. She was really wonderful and very inspiring. You can download the show from iTunes or simply listen on the little player to the right of the post. —>

I also vented a bit about abortion, Tea-Parties, etc. over at Politics Unlocked.

At Life360 I struck up quite the conversation (the comments keep coming) regarding the move to put restrictions on juice intake in licensed daycare facilities. This is a really interesting topic and Id love your take on it.

I also took a load off at Life360 and let myself get excited about the coming summer.

I really wanted to jump into the NaBloPo this week, but totally missed the boat. That would be National Blog posting month where bloggers are encouarged to blog once a day for the entire month. So far, I have failed. But from here on out I’m really going to try. Any topics you have in mind would be welcome.

And the best part of the week? That sweet smell of Jasmine in the summer that has filled every inch of my home…..