On A Clear Day I Can See a Very Long Way

Today, while looking for some Christmas videos for the kids first day of vacation, I came across a stack of home movies. I pulled out one and popped it in. I started watching footage of me when I was pregnant with Patrick and went all the way to Cheyanne’s first year.

I was amazed.

Not just that my seven and five year old kids were ever that young, but that life was ever so simple. We looked so blissful and in the moment happy. Not that I didn’t know we were happy, I remember being very happy during those years. But I also remember being in such a hurry. Continue reading “On A Clear Day I Can See a Very Long Way”

Getting Ready for Halloween

I still remember what my first Halloween decoration was, I mean the first I bought myself with my own money as a young adult. It was a little electronic Crypt Keeper with a censor. He sits in an electric chair and when you walk by or make any noise the electric chair electrocutes him and he lets out his trademark Crypt Keeper laugh. Ohhhh, how I love the crypt keeper! I remember him vividly because well he’s sitting downstairs right now. Yes, I still have him. And anyone who knows me personally knows that my collection has grown considerably in the years since that first purchase. Continue reading “Getting Ready for Halloween”