Summer Reading

ImageLast week I went camping for an entire week. This was the first time in over 10 years we’d been on a vacation that long. It was a week full of lounging on a raft on the river or a hammock by the fire. And what is a camping trip without a pile of books to plow through? I came equipped with a bag of books determined to get through as many as possible before the week was through.

The first book I jumped into was this months From Left to Write book club selection, The Execution of Noa P. Singleton by Elizabeth L. Silver.

Now this post was supposed to be “inspired” by the book. And to be quite honest there was nothing I could relate to in a story about a woman on death row facing execution and her victim’s mother who is trying to save her. I’ve never killed anyone, been on death row, visited someone on death row or had a last meal. So I’ve been stuck trying to write something inspired by this book. Continue reading “Summer Reading”

Weekend Round-Up

What a crap day. Bleh. I mean this was one of those “I should’ve Crawled Back in Bed at 8AM And stayed there” kind of days. But somehow I managed and now it’s 10:30 and I’m getting ready to crawl back in that bed and crash hard. But since I’m trying to stick to a more regular blog routine I wanted to get a post up today.

Here is a link up to what I was doing this week.

At Life360:

I talked about my past experiences as a daycare provider and offered some advice to parents looking to keep their daycare provider happy with,

12 Things Your Daycare Provider Wishes You Knew

And I dealt with some baby funk by focusing on the good things about not having a baby…

5 Reasons I’m Happy to Not Have a Baby

Over on Ntroduction:

I offered tips on the Late in Life Student.

At Politics Unlocked:

I discussed health care and women with, Women and Health Care: How the New Law Will Affect You

I spent some time with the SITS girls over on the Blog Frog working on the 31DBBB challenge.

Last weekend we had a great time at camp.

On Tuesday the kids and I hung out at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park.

Wednesday we went to craft time at the Library.

Thursday night someone broke into our cars.

Friday I said bye to my little sister who is moving to Missouri.

I am happy to see this week end.