The State of Creepy and The Houses October Built

HOB_STILL_5-620x400Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that there was a creepy girl in a porcelain doll mask with frayed and dirty hair, and a creepy dirty old dress with blood on it and she had crazy horror movie eyes. In a singsong voice she asked me to play and followed me in a slow creepy skip down a dark ally. From out of nowhere she began to lunge at me. But lo and behold I had Ruby’s Knife (from the show Supernatural) and began to fight creepy little porcelain thing off. Suddenly I jolted awake and was in my bed. It was 4AM. Read more


Halloween Is Over

So it’s done. The horror, the gore, the decorations, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack on a constant loop, the candy. OK, well maybe the candy will be here for a little bit longer… But Halloween, one of the most beloved holidays in our house, itself is over. And it was a good one. Read more

Getting Ready for Halloween

I still remember what my first Halloween decoration was, I mean the first I bought myself with my own money as a young adult. It was a little electronic Crypt Keeper with a censor. He sits in an electric chair and when you walk by or make any noise the electric chair electrocutes him and he lets out his trademark Crypt Keeper laugh. Ohhhh, how I love the crypt keeper! I remember him vividly because well he’s sitting downstairs right now. Yes, I still have him. And anyone who knows me personally knows that my collection has grown considerably in the years since that first purchase. Read more

10 Reasons I’m Glad it’s Fall

So this week’s writing prompt from the Writer’s Workshop over at Mama’s Losin It is 10 reasons I’m glad it’s fall. Pfft.

I say Pfft because it’s a little begrudgingly I write this post considering we’ve had temps topping off at 102 at 7 PM this week. It doesn’t feel like fall and it’s starting to piss me off, just a little. Because I do really love fall. So I guess you could say that this is 10 Reasons I’ll be Glad it’s fall when indeed it comes. Whenever that is. Read more