Thank God It’s Friday!!!!

Yippee it’s Friday, FINALLY! For a short week, it sure was a long week, if you know what I mean! We are finally just about over the colds we had plaguing us the first half of the week, so that’s good. We’re all a little tired still, but nothing a nice long lazy morning sleeping in won’t cure! My voice is still in and out, my sore throats ALWAYS end in laryngitis it seems. I think if you ask anyone I’ve ever known in my entire life they would say I talk to much. I can’t ever have laryngitis without someone cracking a “she talks too much” joke. I’m not saying it ain’t true but still…

So Patrick has figured out how to get to the DVD extras on his movies. So before he watches a superhero movie he likes to watch the extras so he can “see how they make it”. The other day (keep in mind he’s only five) he explained to me how Stan Lee came up with the idea for The Hulk. That’s right, my five year old told me how much Stan Lee loved Frankenstein, because he was a monster but a good guy. Just misunderstood. Stan Lee’s otter favorite was Jekyll & Hyde. He put the two together and that’s where he came up with the idea for the Hulk. My son (again, he’s FIVE) then went on to tell me The Hulk was supposed to be gray, but there was something wrong with the printer, and Hulk came out green. Since there were no other green superheroes, Stan Lee kept it that way. My son told me all this. So does this mean that he’s destined to be the next Spielberg, or the next Stan Lee? I’m amazed at his fascination with the superheroes. It’s beyond them being cool, he truly loves seeing how they come to life. It’s his calling I think, already, he’s got a calling…

Speaking of kids saying the darndest things. So Cheyanne and the other little girl I have here in daycare were playing cars the other day. They’re being all cute and girly. “Wanna go to the beach?” The daycare girl’s car asks Cheyanne’s car. Cheyanne’s car agrees and they start puttering around the couch. Suddenly the daycare girl goes “Let’s roll bitches, c’mon bitches let’s go to the beach”. She just turned three and she, “Let’s roll bitches”. I gave her a talking to and informed her mom. Meanwhile, I’ve been busting a gut laughing while I tell everyone who’ll listen about it. I know she didn’t get it from my house, so I can revel in the comedic aspect of hearing a three year old speak gangster. I know bitches is not an OK word for three year old to be saying, but the way she was using it, really isn’t any different than my kid, who already use the word awesome and dude ALL THE TIME. Kids. Go figure…

Sex & The City opens this weekend. Think the hype is too much? There’s been backlash in all the promotional bruha over the flick. I am OK with it. I’d actually forgotten what a great show it truly was, and am happy to see it on the big screen. Candace Bushnell and the incredible staff of writers HBO had for the show are AMAZING. Me and my little blog and internet ramblings could never be the hilarious, poignant, and sharp writing that was Sex & The City. I only hope the movie retains that sharpness, but I have a pretty good feeling it does. Not that I’ll actually make it to the movies to see it, I’m sure.

On Wednesday I actually went to Las Positas and met with a guidance counselor and put my student education plan together, He pointed out that my assessment scores were better than I had understood them to be, and that getting my AA really wouldn’t take that much effort than what I’ll already be doing. Food for thought I guess. The ladies in the Early Childhood Education Dept. were really cool, and pointed out that though EVERYONE looks like teenagers at first when you go back to school, once I’m actually going to class I’ll see how many people are actually my age. I hope so. Not to judge, but I’m not sure I can keep up with the Lohan/Spears generation…I’m much more of the Tiffany/Gibson genre myself… So classes start at the end of August. It’s scary, but feels awesome.

Allen has been inspired, and now is talking about going back too. He wants to get a certificate in music, and start teaching guitar. How awesome is that? He would be sooo good at it, and I think would be ale to build quite a clientele fast. I hope he really does it. Keep your fingers crossed.

OK, this ones for the soap fans. One Life To Live to be specific. Now that Tuc Watkins (known to some as the Desperate Househusband, Bob Hunter over at Desperate Housewives) is back over at One Life To Live for the summer, I couldn’t be happier.He is probably the funniest actor on any soap, and has great chemistry with anybody. I mean ANYBODY! He’s hot, fabulous, hilarious, and breathing some much needed life back into daytime! Thanks ABC for bringing him back to Lanview!

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One more time, Happy Friday!!!!

Happy weekend to all!

Tuesday Tuesday

Well my assesment test came back saying that I am wicked smart in english (OK, so maybe it didn’t say “wicked” but I needed to make myself feel better after the math scores) and totally dumb when it comes to math. Really, I could’ve just had my english and math teachers from high school drop them a little email and tell them that…

I am really getting kind of excited about going back to school. I don’t know, it just feels so hopeful. I never thought I was one of those “go back to school” kind of people, but I guess maybe I am. 

I am hangin back at Reality Shack again. My stupid safari was conflicting with the site (along with a few other sites) and everytime I tried to post somewhere it just booted me back to the main menu, and wouldn’t let me log in. Anyhow, I updated my software and cleared my cache, and all is back to normal again. I’ll be recappin The Two Coreys when they return in June 11. Yay! Now if only VH1 will announce a third season for The Baios!!!
Mother’s Day was good, spent the days in my PJ’s, and being lazy around the house. I watched The Pirates Of Caribbean At World’s End, FINALLY. It was good, but Loooong. I mean REALLY long. I’m sure glad I didn’t try and see it in the theaters… Speaking of theaters, Sex And The City is coming out, and I will go by myself to go see it if I have to…