Shaky Tuesday

This was actually written on the 2008 Anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, but I’m reposting it today.

They say sometimes animals can sense when something is about to happen. A storm, tornado, flood, or an earthquake. Well Mama Kitty had been missing since Monday, and it was now Tuesday afternoon. We decided to make some flyers and hang them up around the neighborhood. We sat at the kitchen table making up our lost pet posters, when suddenly the earth began to shake. Movies and books began falling of the shelves, and as all good California boys & girls do we got underneath the doorway.

Once the shaking finally stopped we all ran outside. All the neighbors had stepped out into the October evening and began joking and making guesses as to what size the quake was. Us kids were laughing and standing in the street watching the parked cars still gently rocking back & forth. When the cable finally came back on we all went inside to see the verdict. You see, earthquakes here aren’t really a big deal. They happen all the time, and though this one was obviously a doozy, it was still just an earthquake. Or so we thought.

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Saying Thanks

It’s hard to wrap our minds around why certain celebrity deaths affect us more than others. Sometimes we just feel blindsided by it. Sometimes, in some odd way, we feel like we lost someone we knew.

For me, today, I think I know why. Looking back over my adolescence I can easily pinpoint where my toughest years were. They were junior high. I started junior high trying very hard to keep up with the cool kids. The cool clothes, the cool hair and all that goes with it. I ended junior high with black hair, converse and heavy metal rock posters plastered all over my bedroom walls. I found my natural rhythm and managed to find the path that would eventually lead to becoming my own person. Continue reading “Saying Thanks”

Chris Isaak Beneath the Stars at Wente

Believe it or not my very first concert was The Monkees and Weird Al Yankovic. I know, kind of weird, except I’ll put good money on the fact that at least a few of you will read this and say “Me too!” Because it was a pretty popular tour that year. I was in the third grade and a pretty avid Monkees fan (thanks Nick ay Night) so when they came around my parents took us. This would be the beginning of a very passionate and life-long love for live music. Continue reading “Chris Isaak Beneath the Stars at Wente”

Tuesday Tunes – I Remember You

I Remember You, I like to think, is a pretty sacred song for most rocker chicks. At least it was at the time when it came out. And like many rocker chicks my age I have many special memories of I Remember You playing over the course of my teen years. Unfortunately most of them were replaced by one single memory from 1998 that tends to override the others.

Picture it, Modesto 1998. I was working the late shift at Rock 95. The other DJs in the building, Kat Country and The Hawk, were zoning out in their own studios. It was the middle of the night after all. Continue reading “Tuesday Tunes – I Remember You”

Rock Candy Baby

Gary Hoey by Shelli Sherwood Photography

Once upon a time I was a teenager. I know, seems odd, but it’s true. I was a teenager who loved Rock n Roll. I mean all kinds of Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal. I was a rocker chick. And I loved music with everything that was in me.

We went to concerts and listened to the radio pretty much all the time. Music was always such an integral part of my pre-teen and teenage years. I could sit on my bed staring out my window listening to music for hours.  It was like breathing to me. Continue reading “Rock Candy Baby”

Tuesday Tunes – My City of Ruins

I had woken up early. It was one of those mornings that just did not feel quite right. I remember distinctly thinking that as I got out of bed. I turned on the coffee and jumped in the shower. I tried to shake off that weird feeling, thinking to myself “it’s just another Tuesday.” I was wrong.After my shower I poured a cup of coffee, lit a cigarette, and turned on the TV.

I watched in utter shock, as did the rest of the country, the events of that day. September 11th. I guess everyone has different pictures in their mind of what affected them the most about those days following 9/11. I think I was on the verge of being sick almost every day for a week. Read more

The Heart of Rock n Roll is in Livermore

Photo by Wente Twitter Concierge

Tulsa, Austin, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, too

Everywhere there’s music, real live music, bands with a million styles

But It’s still that some old rock and roll music that really drives ’em wild

And truer were words never spoken as I learned first hand Tuesday night after I ended up going to see Huey Lewis & The News at Wente Vineyards. It may seem weird but random things like this happen to me some days. One minute I’m doing laundry and chasing the kids around and the next I’m in the car headed cross town to go jam to Huey Lewis & The News beneath the stars. Read more

Top 10 Songs to Send Your Child off to School By

Top 10 Songs to Send Your Child off to School By

I have recently found myself facing one of the biggest milestones a parent can reach while raising children, my young son will be entering Kindergarten. As any of you who have been through this, or will soon be facing it know, it is something that fills you with a myriad of emotions.

On one hand, I find myself brimming with excitement. PTA meetings, school plays, homework, watching my son grow from a boy into a young man. What’s not to look forward to? Other times I look at him, and all I see is that sweet blue-eyed boy that we brought home from the hospital five short years ago. How can I send my baby out into the world? Will one of those little girls running around be the first to break his heart? Will he stand up to his first bully, or have his spirit broke by him? Will he enjoy school, or will he rebel against it?

It’s so difficult to not know these answers, but know that I have to let him go anyway. There are parents out there reading this who are feeling this too. Maybe its not Kindergarten, maybe you’re sending yours off to college, or for some of you, you’re baby is getting married. Whichever one you’re facing, it’s still the same.

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December 1980

When I was three years old we had a big couch that folded out into a bed. It was a perfectly 70s looking thing. It was black and white with a paisley pattern. On the weekends or special occasions my parents would pull out the bed and we would all curl up to watch a movie or whatever. This morning while drinking my coffee and surfing the web I came across a news item that, in an instant, took me back to one particular memory I have of that old couch.

It was New Year’s Eve, 1980. We had the big bed pulled out and it was covered with blankets and pillows. My baby sister must have been long asleep, as was my dad on the sofa bed next to me. My mom and older brother were frittering about, and a Christmas tree remained lit up off in the corner. Continue reading “December 1980”

I Married A Music Man

I wrote a piece for the Biolog called How I Became A Linda. This was the original, longer piece I wrote.

Over the years I’ve been asked the question, what’s it like being married to a musician? That’s such a tricky one to answer, because the answer is, it depends on the day. Music has always been one of the most personal and vital parts to my being. So marrying a musician seemed only logical. My life as musician’s wife has actually been a number of different roles over the years. Each one different depending the phase of life we were living. When I met him he was jut a guy in a band playing at a party. When we started dating he was a professional Bluesman, touring the US and Canada, headlining blues festivals across the country. Continue reading “I Married A Music Man”