Our Summer Vacation

This summer was pretty awesome. Though I guess it had it’s not so great moments, but all in all it was a pretty awesome summer. We covered a lot of ground and really got out there to see some of our very own Bay Area.

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that I decided to coincide a post on what I did this summer with a post I planned on doing on “what brings me joy.”

The obvious answer when asked what brings me joy is my kids. But that seemed too simple. And as I looked back over the summer I realized that it’s not just hanging out with my kids that have brought me joy this summer, but hanging with my kids at this age that they are at. Read more

The Declaration of Independence

I really wanted to write some very moving post about what the 4th of July means to me. And even more than that, what the Declaration of Independence means to me. Then I came across this video. It’s a reading of the Declaration of Independence by a number of celebrities from a few years back.

Watch it, listen to it and take it in. And then ask yourself, what does it mean to you?

It’s Been Awhile…

4th of July Weekend
It seems like forever since I’ve updated! I have a handful of stories to tell about the last couple of weeks. We spent the 4th of July weekend up at camp. Allen even played at the Lube Room up there on Saturday afternoon and I took the kids down to go see him. It awesome. It was the first time they’d ever actually seen him play. It was a busy weekend, but fun. It was Allen, the kids, my niece, Allen’s friend, Allen’s sister, her girlfriend, and me. A fun time was had by all, but we had an “incident” occur Saturday night. So the kids, Allen’s sister, her girlfriend and I actually only stayed for the first set. We headed back to camp afterward had dinner roasted some marshmallows and then I put the kids to bed. Only problem is, the next door neighbors. Ok, so allow me to explain these campsites. They are leased sites, not public campgrounds, and most of them have been in the leasing family 3 or 4 generations. So when the grandson of the man next door showed up with 30 (I’m so not exaggerating) of his closest friends, I knew there was going to be a rumble. Their party was very close to the tent where we were sleeping. I got all “mama’s gonna knock you out” on their asses and gave them some serious attitude each time I had to go over and tell them to shut up. Especially when they started puking and peeing all over the place outside the tent.

On the plus side it was just us girls for the evening (me, my sister-in-law and her girlfriend), and boy did we just kill ourselves talking shit around the campfire. Don’t you just love those giggle fits? We had some fun making fun of the teenagers next door. Karma says that by the time they’re old enough to be going up there with their own kids, Patrick & Cheyanne will be up there with their teenage friends…Ha Ha.

My Niece
The whole week after 4th of July, my niece stayed with us. She’s ten and teh sweetest little girl around. the house seems empty now that she’s gone back. The kids think the whole world revolves around her. They miss her terribly and are already planning her next visit. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

On Writing
So after a number of months of trying I finally got accepted into the first stage of prep for a position at the New York times owned About.com. It’s been a lot of work this last week or so, but hopefully it’s been enough to get me into the second stage of prep, and then actually get me the job. The site I’ll be running is soap operas (yay!) and it’s going to be a nice step in the right direction of eventually be able to write full time. Me and my charming ways got an interview with Eden Riegel from All my Children to submit to my editor, so that will hopefully give me an edge over the other candidates I’m competing with. Please keep your fingers crossed. I also submitted some poetry to a greeting card company (Blue Mountain) and they sent me an acceptance letter! It was just like in the movies when the author receives the big manila envelope in the mail that says “Congratulations Mrs. Writer…” When they do get around to publishing it (which could take awhile) It could be up to three-hundred bucks! It’s all happening…

Imaginary Bitches
Ok so speaking of Eden Reigel, have you seen Imaginary Bitches? OMG! It’s like SATC meets Sybil. HILARIOUS. It’s a web series that can be seen on youtube or their website, check it out now!!

My Dad
My dad finally finished his chemo and radiation. It was the worst round of them all, of course. But he’s finally on the mend and sounding more and more like himself everyday. He has yet to go in for all the follow up stuff to see how well the treatment worked, so it’s all back in the hands of fate. I pray for him to be better everyday.