Finding Magic with Peter and the Starcatcher

PATSC logoThere’s something about the theater that is so full of magic. I’ve always felt that way and no matter how old I get or how many shows I’m lucky enough to see, I’ll never stop being excited. I’ve never in my life been to the theater and regretted going. I feel very blessed to not only live in a place with amazing local theater but also to live a short BART ride away from San Francisco and the amazing live theater it hosts.

The only thing that makes the magic of the theater even more magical is when the show itself is full of its own magic, like Peter and the Starcatcher, which is currently playing at the Curran Theater in San Francisco.

IMG_4366I had the amazing opportunity to take the kids and one of my son’s best buddies into the city not only to see this magical show but also to hang out at the Curran Theater with the cast before the show. There were so many great things about this show and this cast that I don’t even know where to start. The cast was almost as excited to talk with the kids, as the kids were to talk to them! They signed autographs, took pictures, talked books and acting (all three kids had performed in the Wizard of Oz just a few weeks prior).

Finally it was curtain time and the kids and I were taken in instantly. This had to have been one of the most talented ensemble casts I’d ever witnessed (not that it dawned on me at the time as I was sucked into the story immediately). This small cast plays over 50 parts and inanimate objects throughout the course of the show. The choreography that kept the show moving, the set and the simple costumes created a feast for the imagination, the eyes of my kids twinkled with stardust from beginning to end. There was something almost vaudevillian about the whole affair, a complement I do not give lightly.

For those of you who don’t know Peter and the Starcatcher is the story of how Peter Pan became, well Peter Pan and is based on the book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. The book, and even more importantly Rick Elice‘s script do justice to everyone’s favorite story by J.M. Barrie about the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

PATSC Tour 1Peter Pan was one of my favorite stories growing up. I mean really, what’s not to love for a kid? Pirates, mermaids, a giant crocodile, pixie dust and of course never having to grow up.

It’s only as an adult that the story, any story, of Peter Pan takes a more tragic turn. Because as with so much in life it’s only in looking back that we truly appreciate the magic of being a child. As grown ups we read the story of Peter Pan to our own children, or in this case watch a chapter of it unfold on stage in front of us, and suddenly find ourselves desperately longing for that place in our imaginations where pirates, mermaids, giant crocodiles, and pixie dust are real. Those are the moments, when we see the sparkle of stardust in our children’s eyes, that we wish we could steal a little bit for ourselves, just so we can be children again, just for a moment.

But if we’re lucky, we have moments like watching Peter and The Starcatcher where the magic feels so real it takes our breath away and we wonder if maybe, just maybe, we have a little bit of stardust left in our hearts. Maybe not enough to fly, but just enough to make us think magic is real and anything is possible.

If you have the chance take your kids and find the magic for yourself, Peter and The Starcatcher will be playing through December 1st at the Curran Theater and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season.

I’d like to give a very special thank you to the cast of Peter and the Starcatcher for being so amazing to the kids and I. They are the biggest part of what made the night so magic. They love what they do on stage and it showed in each moment we spent watching them before and during the show.


SHNsf was kind enough to provide us tickets to the show, but the opinions in this post were entirely my own.

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