My Adventures At the Mall – Getting Ready for Spring

You may remember my side blogging project as the Stoneridge Mall Blog Correspondent. Every month I’m given an assignment and a gift card from Simon Malls and am sent to the mall to make magic happen. Ok, well not magic but at least it gives me the achance to pretend I’m 14 and cruise the mall once a month.

This month’s assignment handed down straight from Simon Malls HQ was something to prepare for spring break. It was by no means a challenge to me. Spring? Good weather? My mind went straight to sandals.

So I headed over to f course as soon as I walked in the door Massage Journey distracted me. One month my assignment a will be about getting a massage. And I will get one. And I will write about it.

But not this month.

So after nosing through a number of the 16 shoe stores I decided on the Women’s Shi Bound Sandals from Journeys. LOVE these. Then I headed over to H&M where I found myself a sweet little Turquoise summer dress on sale. Yay me!

There is something so empowering about buy a few things just for me when shopping at the mall. As a working mom it’s not often that I find somewhat leisure moments where I’m alone. There is also something so familiar about walking around the same mall I’ve been walking since I was a kid. It has become one of my most relaxing parts of the month.

Not to mention now I have cute dress and pair of sandals to celebrate!

So how did you or will you prepare for spring break?

I received a Simon Mall Gift Card from Stoneridge Shopping Center to purchase something to “prepare for spring”, but the opinions are completely my own.

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