Adam Sandler: A Look Back

It’s funny what kind of things draws you to an actor or actress. Sometimes it’s the way they make you laugh or cry. Sometimes its the movie and TV choices that over the course of time create a body of work you enjoy. And sometimes it starts with a simple feeling of familiarity that endears you to that actor through good movies and… not so good movies.

That’s the best way I can describe my feelings for Adam Sandler. Sandler’s heyday on Saturday Night Live (SNL) happen to coincide with my years in high school. And Sandler stood out during that time, for my friends and I anyway, because he was one of us. He was every guy I hung out with in high school, and his movie career only furthered that feeling.

The guys who I considered my friends could’ve written Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Even the jokes and humor that made me roll my eyes still made me smile, and still do, because when Sandler takes the screen it feels like I’m watching one of my friends up there making me laugh, for better or for worse.

That’s not the only thing that connects with me to Sandler. Some of his movies have mirrored my own growing into adulthood. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore came out the year I graduated high school and the year after respectively, my late teens were well represented in both those movies.

But by the time The Wedding Singer (one of my favorite movies of all time) came out I was just a few short months away from getting married and starting a grown up life in love. The Wedding Singer fit right in with my own upcoming nuptials.

By the time more adult or family themed movies like Click and Spanglish and the emotional Reign Over Me came out, I was a mom, seeing the world through mom eyes. And I was expecting more from my movies, and Sandler delivered in those.

The first time I saw Bedtime Stories was during family movie night with my own son and daughter. And it has been the chosen family movie night movie a thousand times since then. My kids now adore Adam Sandler as much I do.

As I said before, sometimes the thing that draws you to an actor is more than just “liking” that actor. It’s the familiarity; it’s the comfort of their laugh and the joy of sharing his movies with my kids. That’s why I’m OK with not loving all of Sandler’s movies. There are enough of the good ones, to outweigh the bad.

We didn’t make it to see Jack & Jill in the theaters, but my kids are waiting to see it on DVD. And I’m OK with that, as long as I can toss in Little Nicky…

Look for Jack and Jill on Blu-ray(TM), Combo Pack & DVD March 6th!

This post was sponsored by Jack and Jill on Blu-ray, Combo Pack & DVD (March 6th). But my love for Adam Sandler is all my own. 


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