A Women’s Right To Choose

Last week were two very important things that I totally let slip by without writing about them here on my blog. Time has been a scarce thing for me and honestly I haven’t’ been blogging here on my beloved blog as often as I’d like to. I’m working VERY hard on my time management skills and hoping to start blogging there much more often. But I digress…

The two things that I’m sorry I missed are the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and Trust Women Week, an online mass mobilization for women’s lives and rights. Which was last week in honor of the Roe vs. Wade anniversary.

Most people, who know me, know how strongly I feel about a women’s right to choose. How strongly I believe that our government doesn’t belong in our bodies OR our bedrooms.

SO instead of rewriting all my strong feelings and reasons for feeling so strongly about a women’s right to choose, and why protecting that right is all of our responsibility, I’ll share with you some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written in the past about it.

Both here and over on MOMocrats.

Go read them, then hug the women in your life. Then send a letter or make a phone call telling Congress to TRUST WOMEN to make their own decisions about their bodies.


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