Trust Women

I don’t remember how old I was the first time I wrote a letter to my State Senator. I do know that there were quite a few and they covered of myriad of issues that in my young mind were the most important issues in the world. Usually regarding animals, development amid the foothills around my hometown, high traffic areas where there needed to be a stop sign, and of course a women’s right to choose.

I don’t really remember learning about Roe v Wade. I don’t know if it was explained to me by my mom after seeing something on the news or after a day of shopping at the mall and seeing the sporadic pro-life protesters outside the women’s health clinic nearby. Or if it was simply a piece of history learned at school. What I remember is just always knowing it was there and always knowing that it was sacred.

Through out junior high and high school I wrote numerous essays defending Roe v Wade, in debate and speech class I was always the one on the side of choice. And over the years I have written about it professionally, personally and debated it at dinner parties, online, and with friends.

But my views on Roe v. Wade are as steadfast today as they were the day I first wrote to then California Senator Bill Lockyear and asked him to please protect a women’s right to choose. And I still ask that of all my government officials.

Please Trust Women to make the choice that they need to make to survive.
Please Trust Women to take control and handle the well being of their own bodies.
Please Trust Women enough to stay out of their private lives.
Please trust Women to take care of themselves and their families.

Tomorrow, January 22, is the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal. It also marks the launch of the month in which we wear silver ribbons: the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women.
I support the trust women campaign because I care too much about the women in my life to not support it. I support it because I trust YOU and I will always protect YOUR right to choose.

You can also join the Silver Ribbon campaign to Trust Women, for Reproductive Rights and Justice.
1. Wear a Trust Women Silver Ribbon, representing science over ideology
2. Spread the word.
– Follow us on Facebook:
– Follow us on Twitter: @oursilverribbon
– Get your Twibbon:
Tweet and Facebook about the campaign the following lines:
Trust Women! Show your support for reproductive health care and women’s rights by @Twibbon via @oursilverribbon
3. Take action!
Check out our webpage of events and share your story about reproductive rights and healthcare.
We who proudly wear the silver ribbon:
• Support reproductive rights
• Support free access to birth control
• Support keeping abortion legal and accessible
We Trust Women to make to their own reproductive health decisions and ask you to join us in showing that you Trust Women, too! Please wear a Silver Ribbon on 1/22-2/22 to show that you Trust Women and we (who Trust Women) are the majority.
Get involved! Go to:

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  1. Dr.Basant rao jareliya
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 01:35:17

    Sub- Proposal for an active Coordination & Empanelment of with your Esteemed orgnaisation .
    We are pleased to introduce our self as GLOBAL RIGHTS OF PUBLIC ASSOCATION a Non profit Non Govt. Orgnaisation . founded in bhopal
    The Cpital city of M.P in india. We have beeb active throughout the countre
    For spreading the objective of Human Rights.
    Today Human Rights protection is major concern for the better government.
    We took burden to spread the message of non violence and rightly committed to active goals According to U.N.O declaation of Human Rights & indian consitution providing fundamental rights and citeyzen duties.
    We are spciely working in the noble cause of human rights ,women rights & child rights poor pople rights, rights to information , HIV patient rights. And also orgnaisid street show, conducting regular workshop on human rights, training program/seminar/resarch work/legal advice/ community mobilisation.
    We are highly obilged if please empanel in our steem org.for any workshop/seminar/programes/ in furture organised by you & please provided awarnees material like posters ,venars,steekars.
    Dr. Basant Rao Jareliya
    Global Rights of Public Assocaition
    Plot. N. 7 . Ashirbad Colony .opp. Dashera Medan Kolar Road . Bhopal M.P . “india”


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