On A Clear Day I Can See a Very Long Way

Today, while looking for some Christmas videos for the kids first day of vacation, I came across a stack of home movies. I pulled out one and popped it in. I started watching footage of me when I was pregnant with Patrick and went all the way to Cheyanne’s first year.

I was amazed.

Not just that my seven and five year old kids were ever that young, but that life was ever so simple. We looked so blissful and in the moment happy. Not that I didn’t know we were happy, I remember being very happy during those years. But I also remember being in such a hurry.

I couldn’t wait for them to start crawling, walking and talking. I looked so forward to them getting to be the age they are now. People tell you that those years go by in a blink.

But you don’t really realize just how fast that blink is until it’s long gone.

As I watched myself lying on the floor with my two year son and infant daughter singing and playing. I found myself crying. I found myself wishing so much that I could just grab that younger mom I once was and tell her to stop waiting for them to get older. To just stay there on that floor for as long as she possibly could.

Then Patrick and Cheyanne started jumping around and laughing. And I looked at these two little people in front of me. And I realized that somewhere in the not so far future is another version of me.

An older version of me who’s wishing she could tell me to slow down.

She’s wishing she could tell me to stop waiting and stay on that couch with my kids for just a little bit longer, because in a blink it will be five years from now.

I’ll have a 7th and 5th grader and one day I will look at home movies of today and wonder how it went by so fast.

My Christmas wish, not just for myself but also for all of you, is that we can all stop waiting for tomorrow. And just shut off the rest of the world and enjoy today. Enjoy the kids we have in our arms today.

Life happens whether we want it to or not; the only thing we can control is today. Is right now, this very moment.

The title of the post is a reference to this song by Colin Hay, one of my favorites.



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