Letting Our Freak Flag Fly at Shrek the Musical

“Let your freak flag fly” may seem like an odd piece of advice to offer my Kindergarten and Second Grader, but that was the lesson learned last week when we were lucky enough to catch “Shrek The Musical”  in San Francisco. And I have to say it’s a lesson I’m more than happy to support my kids getting.

The opportunity to expose my kids to real Broadway shows is such a joy and I feel blessed that we live close enough to the city so that I can give them the opportunity as often as possible (being given free tickets from SHNsf doesn’t hurt either). But it adds something even more to the experience when the kids walk away feeling better about themselves.

Shrek The Musical takes the original Shrek and builds upon its message of not judging a book by its cover. With one of the biggest musical numbers being the song “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” it was obvious that the running theme of the show was how being different is awesome. Being different is something to be proud of and something to sing about.

And with the current wave of suicides and the ever growing epidemic of bullying in schools being such a hot topic I loved seeing the characters in Shrek waving their freak flag and encouraging kids to do the same.  And my kids loved every minute of it.

With an amazing talented cast and puppetering that left me stunned I have to admit that I loved every minute of it too. The dragon was gorgeous, the music was spectacular and the show itself was hilarious.

Patrick & Shrek Bonding.

What more could we ask for?

Maybe a few minutes with Shrek at a backstage meet and greet for mommy bloggers? Just more proof that the folks behind Shrek the musical truly love the job their doing. We got to go to the VIP room where we munched on Gingerbread cookies and hung out with Shrek himself, who took the time between shows to come say hello.

Gingerbread cookies, pictures with Shrek and feeling a little better about being who we are. You can’t get much closer to a perfect day than that can you?

The folks at SHN provided me with tickets to this special event, but I was in no way obligated to write about it. Or love it. But I did anyway. Thanks SHN!

Grandpa, Shrek and the kids.
The kids and I.

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