Getting Ready for Halloween

I still remember what my first Halloween decoration was, I mean the first I bought myself with my own money as a young adult. It was a little electronic Crypt Keeper with a censor. He sits in an electric chair and when you walk by or make any noise the electric chair electrocutes him and he lets out his trademark Crypt Keeper laugh. Ohhhh, how I love the crypt keeper! I remember him vividly because well he’s sitting downstairs right now. Yes, I still have him. And anyone who knows me personally knows that my collection has grown considerably in the years since that first purchase.

Decorating our house for Halloween has become an event in itself for our family. The kids look forward to it as much as Allen and I ever did and they find it almost as exciting as the holiday itself!

I love when we get out our collection of spooky décor and lights because it doesn’t just mean Halloween is coming. To me those poky decorations signify the changing o the season from summer to fall. It signifies the beginning of the larger holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Which I dearly love.

My birthday is the 18th of October, which is another reason why I think I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Halloween décor, and autumn in general.

This weekend we began out annual family tradition of spookifying our house. And my heart is filled joy.


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