Tuesday Tunes – I Remember You

I Remember You, I like to think, is a pretty sacred song for most rocker chicks. At least it was at the time when it came out. And like many rocker chicks my age I have many special memories of I Remember You playing over the course of my teen years. Unfortunately most of them were replaced by one single memory from 1998 that tends to override the others.

Picture it, Modesto 1998. I was working the late shift at Rock 95. The other DJs in the building, Kat Country and The Hawk, were zoning out in their own studios. It was the middle of the night after all.

As I sat there trying not to doze off I looked over my music log and saw that I Remember You was coming up. A smile came across my face as a million memories of listening to Skid Row began to swirl in my mind.

Remember this was 1998, so I didn’t get to play a lot of Skid Row. When the time came I put in the CD (my station had yet to go digital). Sitting there on a shelf in the studio was a broken mic and I couldn’t help myself. I snatched up the mic and began rocking around the studio singing I Remember You at the top of my lungs.

Since this was a studio it was totally sound proof. So I was able to sing as loud as my little heart desired. Or so I thought. As it turned out the DJs from the other stations had come upon a sudden “we need change for the vending machine” crisis. But when they peaked in to my studio they saw me performing my imaginary rock concert.

They tiptoed in and went unnoticed by me. Then, as the song was about to come to an end, I twirled around and saw them standing there basking in silent laughter.

Before I could say anything to them I had to dart back to the real mic and back sell Skid Row and start the next song. Out of breath and horribly embarrassed, I simply turned on the mic and said, “Gee they just don’t write power ballads like that anymore, do they?” The studio erupted in laughter as I turned off the mic. The other DJs in a show of good faith bought me a drink from the vending machine.

It was a Sprite, because they decided that I had probably had enough caffeine for the night.

Tuesday Tunes is my song of the week post where I post a video and my favorite memory associated with that song. Do you have a favorite music memory associated with this song?

One thought on “Tuesday Tunes – I Remember You

  1. Ahhh, those been caught rock’n out moments! Great story Meg! I love this song! I swore I was going to name my first born Sabastian! I miss good music the stuff they put out these days…blah.

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