Rock Candy Baby

Gary Hoey by Shelli Sherwood Photography

Once upon a time I was a teenager. I know, seems odd, but it’s true. I was a teenager who loved Rock n Roll. I mean all kinds of Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal. I was a rocker chick. And I loved music with everything that was in me.

We went to concerts and listened to the radio pretty much all the time. Music was always such an integral part of my pre-teen and teenage years. I could sit on my bed staring out my window listening to music for hours.  It was like breathing to me.

It didn’t surprise anyone when I spent some time as a DJ at a rock station or when I became a music writer for an online music magazine.  Because music has always stayed with me.

Ronnie Montrose by Shelli Sherwood Photography

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is still that part of me deep down inside that would just rather be curled up on the floor with CDs and albums tossed about the floor. As a mom, I don’t get to do that very much. But sometimes, sometimes I get the chance to tap into that part of me and remember just how much I love music and how much a good rock concert can feed the soul.

Friday night I was lucky enough to hit the Bankhead Theater to see guitar virtuoso Gary Hoey and the legendary Ronnie Montrose.

It was wailing guitar cords, hard sticky sweet rock lyrics, and a singer who could fling his luscious locks like it was 1989.

I was in rocker girl heaven.

For a couple of hours I wasn’t a mom, or a volunteer at school. There were no playdates or deadlines or dishes to be done. Just the music and me.

Ronnie Montrose, Keith St. John and Dan McNay by Shelli Sherwood Photography

Just like when I was a kid.

Later, at the kickin after party at Livermore’s Sapphire Lounge (where my friends Lunafish TORE IT UP) we got to meet with the guys from Montrose and Gary Hoey.

It was a great way to end a perfect evening.

And as I took a few pictures, one with the aforementioned Luscious Locks (Keith St. John) I smiled and played it cool.

But inside my 32-year-old self was totally high fiving my 16-year-old self who was letting out some deafening inner screams.

By the way if you get the chance to see either Gary Hoey or Montrose live anytime soon I highly suggest you do so.

And if the Bankhead Theater is considering bringing in more rock acts (which I hear they might be) they can count me to be present and accounted for at each and every one.

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