Tuesday Tune – Under The Bridge

When thinking about the album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik it’s hard not to be bombarded with memories of my 8th grade and Freshman years in school. Wow, what a GREAT album this was, I had actually forgotten until recently. But this song, though not my favorite off this album (Could’ve Lied takes that honor), holds the strongest meaning to me out of everything the Chili Peppers ever did.

Behind the house I grew up in were the train tracks that ran through town. They ran beneath an overpass that was also right behind my house. This was a great place to go hang out and do… well the things that teenagers do. Cut class, drink beer, or after a bad day just go and talk with your friends in private. Sometimes I’d just grab my journal and go under the overpass to write.

I remember the first time I heard Under The Bridge it seemed to describe the city I was growing up in and how much I was really connected to it. How much I loved having my private hideaway under that overpass. Granted, Livermore is certainly no LA, not even close, it still felt like a perfect description of my own city.

Whenever I hear Under the Bridge today it makes me a little nostalgic and a little sad. Sad that, as an adult, I don’t have a place like that. And though I still feel a strong connection to my city, obviously because I’ve chosen to raise my own children here, I rarely get the chance to enjoy it. Under The Bridge reminds me that I need to take those moments to slow down and enjoy my city.

Especially on a beautiful day like today was. While I walked to go pick up the kids at school, I felt a soft breeze on my face and I closed my eyes. And I remembered what it was like to have the city kiss me windy.


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