Beauty and the Beast

There is something about the theater that is so full of magic that I can’t help but be swept away every time I get the chance to go. And if you add in a little Disney magic to boot, you’ve got a night to remember. And that’s exactly what I found when Cheyanne and I had a girl’s night out in the city. We went to the opening night of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Golden Gate Theater and were mesmerized from the moment we sat down.

I freely admit that I have done my share of trash talk when it comes to Disney Princesses. But I always feel that Beauty and the Beast (even in the pre Disney/original version of the tale) stands apart from other fairy tales because when you look at it, the person in need of rescue is Beast more than Beauty. And at the end of the day it Beauty who has saved the day, not the prince.

Beauty and the Beast is certainly one of my favorite fairy tales indeed so when we received tickets to the show I knew that there was no one else I wanted to see Beauty and the Beast with than my own princess.

We hopped on BART and made our way into the city.  Cheyanne had seen Peter Pan just a few short weeks ago, but that was certainly a different experience than an old fashioned theater. The music and swept her away instantly and though it was way past her bedtime she was transported into another world the instant the curtain went up.

The movie was true enough to the Disney cartoon to keep Cheyanne on the edge of her seat to the very end of the show with enough adult humor sprinkled in to give the adults more than one hilarious moment. Gaston (Nathaniel Hackman and Lumiere (Merrit David James) were HILARIOUS.

The costumes and music were exquisite. I have to mention music director Carolyn Violi and the Orchestra for an amazing performance. Cheyanne was almost as enthralled at watching the musicians after the performance as she was watching the entire show.

All in all it was perfect San Francisco night full of magic and princesses, just as any good night in the theater should be.  And as we quietly rode the BART train home, Cheyanne quietly laying on my lap, I thought about how lucky we are to live so near the city and how there isn’t anywhere in the world I’d rather be.

Though I did receive press tickets to this show from SHNsf, I was in no way obligated to write about it.


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