The Heart of Rock n Roll is in Livermore

Photo by Wente Twitter Concierge

Tulsa, Austin, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, too

Everywhere there’s music, real live music, bands with a million styles

But It’s still that some old rock and roll music that really drives ’em wild

And truer were words never spoken as I learned first hand Tuesday night after I ended up going to see Huey Lewis & The News at Wente Vineyards. It may seem weird but random things like this happen to me some days. One minute I’m doing laundry and chasing the kids around and the next I’m in the car headed cross town to go jam to Huey Lewis & The News beneath the stars.

Photo by Wente Twitter Concierge

But let me make something clear. Huey Lewis & The News is not just some band that I thought “Yea, I guess I’ll go see them in concert.” when I got tickets. No way, they are hometown Rock n Roll heroes (YES, I said heroes) and I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.

In fact the annual visit from Huey and the guys to Livermore has almost become a summer tradition, one that I finally got to experience first hand last night.

Patrick & I whisked away to our seat in the last row and opted for sitting up on the wall behind us instead where we had a perfect view of the stage and could dangle our legs and stretch out as much as we wanted. When the need came over us we were able to hop down and dance to our hearts content (which we did).

They opened with a bunch of new material off their upcoming album (which comes out in November) and then went into some material Huey called “near misses.” Then of course they performed their trademark A Cappella set. Something I remember watching on TV as a kid and was to see them doing it live and in person.

Then of course it was time for the encore, which is where they busted out the big hits, the ones I loved so much. Hip to Be Square, Power of Love, Workin for a Livin, Doin it all for my Baby.

The best part of it all though was sharing it with Patrick. Patrick is certainly no stranger to live music but this was a different experience than he was used to. Yet going to see a concert at Wente is far more intimate than a show at some arena somewhere, and much more elegant and beautiful then some dark club.

Lights are draped over all the trees, the smell of the vineyards hang in the summer air and the stars hang overhead like they’re part of the décor themselves. A perfect place to listen to music on a summer night.

Photo by Wente Twitter Concierge

And there isn’t anyone in the world I would’ve rather shared it with than my baby. Especially since he didn’t mind me singing along and jumping up and down like a teenager.

And for those who may be wondering what Patrick’s favorite parts were, getting to ride on a golf cart (and was even offered the chance to drive it), checking out the big spotlights (which we sat in front of) and his relief that this was NOTHING like the Jonas Brothers concert he had seen on TV.

By the by, Wente still has a few shows left this summer and I highly recommend catching one if you have the means to do so. Chris Isaack and Harry Connick Jr (who is playing on my wedding anniversary) are two shows coming up that I wouldn’t mind winning tickets for at all.

Yep, it was an awesome night.

Don’t tell me that I’m crazy

Don’t tell me I’m nowhere

Take it from me

It’s hip to be square.

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