HomeHer ’10: This is not a BlogHer ’10 Recap

So the blur of BlogHer ’10 is finally starting to clear. Pictures are getting posted and posts are getting published. And everyone is still high from the wonderful and amazing time they had in New York.

Oh wait, I’m sorry. Did I say everyone? I meant everyone except those of us who attended the other big conference that went down last week/weekend, HomeHer ’10.Thanks to Backpacking Dad who coined the term so that those of us not attending BlogHer ’10 could partake in festivities and fun stuff dressed in only our PJs and from the comfort of home.

Here are a few of the sessions I took part in during HomeHer ’10.

  1. PJ Bottoms: The New Black Dress
  2. How to Blog: Sand Style
  3. TV and Tylenol Cold Meds: How Mom’s Survive Head Colds
  4. Safeway Deli Soup: When opening a can and pouring it in a pot is just too much work.

They were good sessions and though I learned a lot at HomeHer ’10 I did come away with a few complaints.

  1. I chose wrong when it came to roommates. They were loud; they controlled the TV and would NOT go to bed at a decent hour. Plus they kept asking me to feed them. It was like they didn’t even know we were at a freakin conference.
  2. The swag was not so hot this year. Though this guy I met (who my roommates kept calling “dad” bought me a snickers.
  3. I don’t know, a lot of the people I talked to at HomeHer ’10 were clueless. They just walked around like they lived there and wanted to know where the laundry was. Weird.

As much fun as I had during HomeHer ’10 I am sorry to report that I do not plan on attending next year.

Next year it’s BlogHer ’11 in San Diego or bust. Even if I have to hitchhike to SoCal and camp out on all my lovely SoCal friends couches.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cynematic
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 23:35:05

    We are totally doing it! FTS HomeHer @$%$! 🙂


  2. Meghan Harvey
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 23:59:49

    I heart you Cyn. San Diego or bust baby!


  3. TRR
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 03:52:36

    I didn’t even know what this BlogHer’10 thing was until it exploded all over Twitter/BlogFrog/and SITS! I sat around dumbfounded until I Googled it. I’m sooooo going next year. My parents are in OC (free couch) and students are mega discounted! You better be there, Meghan! Liberals unite! OK, I may have had a little too much wine. I’m noticing my rampant use of exclamations points!


  4. hiffFoxia
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 00:16:59

    Nice one!!;)

    burn notice seasons


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