Friday Night Musings

It’s a Friday night and I’m just hanging out here by myself. The kids are asleep and Allen is playing a show downtown. For whatever reason I came across a video on YouTube of Mr. Hathaway singing “A Song For You.” God I love that song.

With my laptop on my lap I turned it up, laid my head back and closed my eyes. And as always when I hear those sweet words, I thought about Allen.

It’s so hard to believe that once upon a time I was just a girl. And that he was this strange and amazing man with this crazy hurricane of a life. Life on the road. Those days of living by the phone, traveling together and then being apart for those stretches of time, well they feel like a million years ago.

I can’t help but get a little teary eyed and laugh because as a couple we started out with the cards stacked against us. But we didn’t care. We knew that no matter how different our lives were, or our backgrounds may have been, or how many miles stretched out between us most nights, we were meant to be.

For a long time when Allen was on the road back in those early days all I had was one picture of the two of us sitting on my bed. It was taken while he was home for a few days on my 18th birthday. I clung to that picture for months while he was on the road.

Now when I look around all I see are pictures. Our wedding pictures, pictures of us over the years and pictures of our kids. We have come so far. I’d be a liar if I made some ridiculous claim that our life is perfect. But, the good out weighs the bad. And the laughs out weigh the tears. And really when it comes down to it, isn’t that all that matters?

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