By The Seaside

As I sit writing this all I can hear is the soft music coming from my iPod on the nightstand beside me and the seagulls outside. I’m not quite close enough to the ocean to hear the waves crashing, but I can see the ocean and it took us less than 2 minutes to get to the beach when we took a walk from our hotel earlier. Right now my exhausted kids are asleep in the bed beside me and I am up late working. My husband is playing a show and I’m enjoying the quiet time alone here in the middle of the night. Nothing but the soft sounds of Otis Redding and the seagulls outside to keep me company.

Growing up I’ve always considered myself to be a mountain girl. Always opted for high mountains, flowing rivers and thick strong forests of green. Not that I don’t still love the mountains, even aching for them when it’s been too long since we’ve spent a night beneath the great Sierra Nevada skies, but in my older age I’ve found myself spiritually more drawn to the ocean.

Even on a cool gray day, like the one we had today, there is something so free and mesmerizing about the ocean.

When I gaze into the horizon with the waves crashing over my feet buried in the soft sand, it feels as if I am gazing into the heart of Mother Nature. The lifeblood of the entire world. I could sit and gaze into her heart forever, and after spending time with my feet in the sand watching the tide come in, my soul always feels refreshed.

I think part of that replenished soul is due to the fact that part of me still associates the beach with youth.

Growing up inland (takes about an hour or so to reach the coast) it wasn’t like we went to the beach everyday, but we were close enough to do it fairly often. And as we became teenagers with driver’s licenses we had even more control of how often we made it to the beach.

But no matter how many times I’d hit the beach in a summer or how old I got, I would still gasp as I caught that first glimpse of the coastline. Even today as we drove down Hwy 1 and saw the sand on the side of the road, it took my breath away.  And I got giddy. Because that’s what the ocean does to me.

The ocean just seems to represent everything I need in my life right now. The idea of timelessness, youthfulness, endless possibilities and hope.

“Why do we love the sea?  It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.”  ~Robert Henri

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