Open House

Photo-56 Last night was open house at my son’s school. The principal talked up the PTA, talked budget cuts, and told us how great our recent scores were (our school, is currently in the highest 20% of schools in California). It was busy and chaotic and everything an Open House is supposed to be.

My confession? Open House is one of my favorite nights of the year. Last night we walked around the school, ate ribs with friends, watched our kids play. We laughed with our son’s teacher and saw all the amazing things our son has been doing over the course of the year. We laughed with and waved at other parents. People who are also our neighbors. The people I’ll hang out with at the neighborhood pool this summer. People whose cell phone numbers
are programmed into mine because I know that I could call them whenever I need

I think all of us really go though life wanting to be a part of something bigger than just our own little world. All of us want a sense of community. I grew up with a decent sense of that, and certainly felt it with friends when I was a teenager and young adult. But this sense of community I have now, that I felt last night was different. Somehow it means more.

These are the people in my neighborhood. They are black, white, gay, straight, rich & successful, unemployed and struggling. We are the spectrum of our entire country all in our little neighborhood. And here we are, sharing our lives together and raising our children together.

Where I live is not perfect. Far from it. But after nights like last night, I remember that it’s close enough for me. And for right now
there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. Good school, good friends and summer right around the corner.

Today is a good day.


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