What I Did This Week Instead of Blogging Here…

Dear Blog,

I’m totally NOT neglecting you on purpose. Life happens. And well, there are other blogs. It’s no secret that I blog other places. I’ve got to make money somehow, even if it is only a little here & there. And some places I blog are really just about getting people to come visit you. Seriously. Everything I do is for you dear blog of mine.



What I was doing this week,

Over at Life360 I was chatting about how childhood lying kicks ass, And about the coolest 25 minutes of my week.

Over at Silicon Valley Moms I was chatting it up about Patrick’s take on the Happy meal debate.

Monday's Big Project

Over at Ntroduction.com I was explaining the importance of following up after you’ve submitted your resume for a job.

Patrick's Desk

Plus I had to go into the office twice this week where there were projects on a deadline.

Boy Scouts Monday and of course Patrick’s open house Thursday…


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