Here I Am

Each day I’m taken by the beauty that is my hometown of Livermore. The fact that Livermore was one of the winners of last years Great American Main Street Award (which means our Main Street is one of the best in the country) is not really a surprise to any of us who live here.

But for me what makes this town great is all the memories of all the perfect moments that this town is full of. Memories of playing in the fountain downtown or learning to drive and of course memories of walking every single inch of this town over the course of my lifetime.

Friday was a reflective moment for me when I walked with Patrick’s class to Livermore’s own Firehouse 6 to see the world’s oldest light bulb. That same light bulb that has been burning for 105 years here in Livermore. As we walked along East Ave. watching the beautiful landscape of the Livermore hills I realized just how lucky I am.

Our life may not be perfect. We may not be rich and things may not always be easy for us. But our life, it’s full of little moments. Warm sunny beautiful moments. Field trips to firehouses’. Ice Cream on a Sunday afternoon. Roses in full bloom. Laughing with my husband. Water balloon fights on aspring day.

And of course, waking up every morning to find my bed full of the three most important people in the world.

We have so many little moments that I could never begin to count them all. And almost every single one is set against the backdrop of this town. My hometown, my Livermore.

Once upon a time I was a teenager here and I daydreamed about all the places I would someday live and wondered where I would someday start my “real” life. Never did I imagine that at 32 I’d still be here raising my own family.  But here I am. And there isn’t anywhere else in the world that I’d rather be.

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