Ready, Set, Bag! (A Happy Reminder That we All Rock)

I’m a horrible person. Ok, well maybe not horrible but sometimes blog posts that I plan on writing just don’t get written. Especially when I’m lucky enough to get sent something specific to write about.  And this is one of those posts…

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to get a screener for a great documentary called Ready, Set, Bag! It was being screened at my old stomping ground here in Livermore, the Vine Cinema (a great indie theater now that I highly recommend visiting if you get the chance).

Ready, Set, Bag! follows eight grocery store baggers who are actually state champions and competing for the title of National Best Bagger.

When I first slipped in the DVD I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and I didn’t think it would hold the attention of the kids. But as soon as it began I found myself instantly drawn to the people in it.  And by the end I had both kids planted beside me on the couch rooting for our favorite to win.

Naturally I love when a movie brings the kids and I together, but I love the three main lessons we picked up from it as well.

  • Any job (or anything for that matter) that we choose do in life that’s worth doing, is worth doing well.
  • We should always be proud of who we are.
  • Everyone deserves kudos for doing a good job.

Did I intend on talking about these lessons when I put in that DVD? No, but I’m sure glad I did.

I want my kids to know that every job no matter how big or small is important. And anything they choose to do in life is going to matter to somebody. Ready, Set, Bag! was a sweet reminder of that.

Check the Ready, Set, Bag!  website for screenings in your area. And to make it even more worth the trip, Ready, Set, Bag!  Is working within local communities so that local screenings will help benefit your local food bank.

Here in Livermore they estimated that Ready, Set, Bag! screenings provided around 300 meals via the Alameda County Community Food Bank. A good movie AND helping feed a family in need? Really, need I say more?

While the good folks behind Ready, Set, Bag!  did provide me with a free screener of the movie I was in no other way compensated for the post.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Donna
    Mar 18, 2010 @ 15:41:11

    That was an excellent review of a movie I never would have thought I’d be interested in seeing. Now I am. (And I so relate to the guilt of being unable to write about everything you’d like. If only someone would PAY us to do this stuff…)


  2. Kelly Manjula Koza
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 05:38:15

    Fun post emphasizing what I wish were more prevalent in our culture: Anything worth doing is worth doing well and with all our attention and goodwill!


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