Baby Beds and Milestones

Cheyanne In The Bassinet

The bassinet was cream-colored and the height could be adjusted so it was even with the bed to make for easy breastfeeding at night. It had ruffles and a basket on the bottom and we could rock it. It was one of the first things we purchased after an amnio confirmed that we were almost halfway through a healthy pregnancy.

Patrick in his Crib

That bassinet sat full of stuffed toys in the corner of the nursery next to the full size crib that we got for when he got a little bigger. Then when he was born we moved it into our room where it was his bed for those first three months.

Two years later that bassinet came back out and was Cheyanne’s bed for the first three months after she was born. At the same time that cream bassinet was moved out of the garage and into our room for a second time we purchased a toddler bed. Having just turned two Patrick seemed too small still for a big twin bed but had long outgrown his crib.

As we prepared for Cheyanne’s arrival and placement into the bassinet, Patrick made the leap from crib to toddler bed.

Patrick in the Toddler Bed

A year later we moved to a bigger house. In Patrick’s room there was an alcove built into the wall that fit a twin mattress. This was going to be Patrick’s bed. Since it was high off the ground we put a rail up, to be safe, and he made the move. Cheyanne was then ready to move from the crib to the toddler bed.

Cheyanne In Her New Twin Bed

So what has got me visiting the ghosts of children’s beds past?

This weekend we put up bunk beds in Patrick’s room and a big beautiful twin sleigh bed in Cheyanne’s.

These are huge milestones. These beds will be the beds they spend the rest of their childhood (assuming no unforeseen accidents force us to replace them before then). The bed he will lay on while reading his history book and will study for finals on. The bed she will lay on while talking to her friends on the phone.

There is no more bassinet, cribs or toddler beds for them to move into.  I know, I know. Maybe it’s silly of me to get so mushy at my six and four-year olds moving into real beds. But I can’t help myself.

Because to me, no matter what bed they’re laying in, when I look in on their sleeping faces I will always see the same little faces that I saw in that bassinet beside me.


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  2. David from
    Feb 26, 2010 @ 06:14:26

    Nice post. It’s really cool to see how it went from the bassinet to the twin bed! Almost scary of you look back at something like this and see how quickly they grow up!!


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    Feb 24, 2013 @ 15:02:27

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