The Silicon Valley Moms Holiday Party (A.K.A. Mama Got Free Stuff)!

This is the first time I’ve written a blog post where I had to put one these fancy “disclosure” things in it. So here it goes. I went to a party where vendors gave me lots of cool free stuff. I was not obligated to write about any of that cool stuff, and I don’t plan on writing about all of it. Just some of it and once again those things I DO write about here I was NOT paid to write about. Coolio. Now on to the actual post.

Last Sunday I got the awesome opportunity to head over to Palo Alto for the Silicon Valley Moms Holiday Party! I’m a newbie to svmoms and this was my first event with the amazing ladies of the svmoms and beyond. I can’t imagine a better way to have to begin my involvement in svmoms!

I was told there’d be swag. I was told there’d be free stuff. But I had no idea I’d be walking out with so much great stuff! Though there was a ton of great stuff I’m going to limit this post to the highlights.

One thing that has been by my side since the day after the event is the Jabra Cruiser. Now I know this isn’t for everybody, but it’s a perfect fit for me. I HATE my Bluetooth earpiece. And the speakerphone on my iPhone just doesn’t work as well as I’d like when driving in the car. So the Jabra Cruiser, a wireless in-car speakerphone, is AWESOME. It fits snug on my visor and provides clear sound for me and the person I’m talking to. But my favorite part?

It also transmits music from my iPhone! Now this may not seem like a big thing to some, but I don’t always like having my headphones in when I’m doing stuff. But the speakers on my iPhone are not the best so now with my Jabra Cruiser and the technology of Bluetooth I can set it on the windowsill while I do dishes or bring it with me while I’m cleaning the bathrooms, anything. LOVE it.

I was also totally stoked to receive tickets to the Retro Dome in San Jose! I can’t wait to take Patrick to the Retro Dome some weekend during the holidays. They’ve got some of my favorite Christmas movies playing during the season and it’s going to make the most awesome mom/son day.

Speaking of tickets I also am the proud beneficiary of TWO TICKETS TO SEE WICKED!! I can’t express enough gratitude to folks at Wicked who gave us tickets, and for me it’s a date night that would never happen otherwise. You can count on a full report of the amazing show in January after Allen & I go.

But the most spectacularly awesome thing I received was actually a prize in one of the numerous raffles they held during the night. A Nintendo DS. So awesome  that I had tears in my eyes while looking at it in the car. Why would a DS make me cry? Because this will not be an easy Christmas for us. In fact this will probably be the tightest Christmas our family has ever seen. And what is at the top of my son’s Christmas list? A DS. And now, thanks to the good folks at Nintendo, he’s getting one.

And THAT would’ve been worth the trip in itself.

I was so happy to meet all the amazing women involved with svmoms (along with some MOMocrats as well!) And thanks so much to all the sponsors of the event and the amazing gifts they gave away. You can see a list of all the sponsors on svmoms. There was a ton of great stuff that I got and I truly hope you visit the link and take a minute to check out the sponsors who put on the event!

And all photos in this post were courtesy of You can see the entire photostream on Flickr!

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