All I Need to Know about Parenting I Learned From the Cosby Show

2349462820_da5a2f4138I love reruns. I will admit here & now that nothing gives me greater comfort after a long day then a bowel of ice cream and a classic episode of the Golden Girls on Lifetime. Or the fact I’m so happy to have discovered that my kids totally love Full House AND Different Strokes. All shows I grew up watching. Now, I have watched Family Ties and Growing Pains here & there over the years since I’ve become a parent. And though I still enjoy them as much as I ever did, there is never really anything truly miraculous about them. No secret lesson that was only privy to the adults or anything. I enjoy watching them, but they aren’t giving me anything new.

But then, recently, I rediscovered another show that had been a weekly staple in my house growing up, The Cosby Show. It was always funny and always entertaining. We watched it religiously while it was on the air. And then we watched it for years on and off in syndication. Until a couple of weeks ago it had been years since I watched an entire episode of the Cosby Show. In fact it was probably my first time since I became a mom. And now I’m addicted. Not for the same reasons I loved it as a kid (Bill Cosby was funny, Denise was my idol, etc.). I’m addicted because it is better than any parenting book I have ever read. Got a problem getting your kid to do homework? Watch the Cosby Show. Eating vegetables? Cosby Show. Teaching your child manners or how to follow through with commitments? The value of a dollar? All these lessons and many more are at your fingertips with the simple push of the TV remote.

It’s funny because at first look the show seems dated. But it’s not in the least. The lessons and storylines couldn’t be any more current or timely if they had been written yesterday. I will longer be spending any money on parenting books, magazines, or DVDs. Except for the entire series collection of the Cosby Show of course.

Now excuse me, my daughter is refusing to eat her lunch. Hmmm, I’m sure there’s a Cosby show episode somewhere with a speech that would work perfectly….


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