November 22, 1963

As I started to write this, I decided to look at some YouTube stuff to see if I could find some footage of newcasts reporting the death of President John F Kennedy. Today is the 45th anniversary of his death.

But it was all just so chilling and so sad. Kennedy signified hope to so many people, and then in an instant he was gone. And now we, as a country, are riding high on the wave of hope once again and I just wanted to find something that simply reminded us of Kennedy & the hope he projected on to this country instead.

He personified hope. Hope & Imagination. He imagined.
He imagined a world where black & white lived together in harmony.
He imagined a world without war.
He imagined a man on the moon.

He imagined all that we could ever hope to be, and all we could actually become today.

John F. Kennedy May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963

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