And so the Chaos begins…

I’ve been neglecting my blog for weeks now! It’s not on purpose, I’ve just been keeping up with other writing gigs that are actually paying gigs (woo hoo) and they’ve been sucking up all my free time. I did not get the position at but the editor moved me right into training for another position (that I would MUCH prefer to have), so I’m smack dab in the middle of prep, again. I am so hoping that it works out. If I get it, I may be able to stop doing daycare and freelance full time. It would be a dream come true. Writing for a living would be spectacular. On top of it being what I want to do, it would give me so much more freedom with the kids.

Speaking of kids, tomorrow Patrick starts kindergarten. I am just in shock. I can’t believe that he’s going to be going to school. Not pre-school, but real school. It’s crazy!!! I am wrenching with emotion and have butterflies in my stomach. On to of that Cheyanne starts pre-school next week. What happened to my babies?

Speaking of school, Allen and I both started school last week. So far so good. It’s going to be fun, a lot of work, but fun. I’m a little overwhelmed because when I signed up back in June for the fall semester, I wasn’t doing the writing like I am now. I’m a little anxious at trying to work full-time, write almost full-time, and go to school twice a week and fit in homework. Oh yea, and run my household and help my kids adjust to starting school themselves. The biggest relief would be if I could get a couple more writing gigs, and stop the daycare….

In other news, we went to a wedding yesterday. The daughter of a family that we’re pretty close with. It was a lovely ceremony, and we had a wonderful time. Food, music, and atmosphere were all awesome. I had one thing that I perturbed me, just a bit. The vows. It was a very Christian ceremony, which is great, but the vows actually included asking the groom if he will make an income that can support her, and retain the position as leader of the family. Her vows were about supporting the husband and keeping a good home. I had to check my cell phone and make sure I was in the right year. It’s strange because the family is full of strong women, and it just didn’t jive with how I see the bride at all.
It was actually the groom I felt more upset for. I’m not unrealistic in the fact that gender roles exist in today world, and that’s ok to a degree. Men are men, women are women. There will always be differences. But, I also think in a marriage, or lifetime commitment, a man and woman should be equal partners. In this day and age it’s unfair to place the burden of supporting a household on one person. Unless of course it’s what works for that particular couple, but I think just assuming that a woman should have a choice whether she wants to work or not, and a man does not, seems uncool. It reminded me of that scene form the Kevin Bacon movie, She’s Having a Baby.

Maybe it’s just me…


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  1. Christina
    Aug 31, 2008 @ 13:25:00

    Great to hear about what’s been going on with you!


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