Little Miss "Columnist"

Happy weekend kids! So it was kind of a quiet week. I had only one kid here all day everyday for the whole week. The rest were hit and miss, only here for a couple of hours, if at all. A very nice break. That’s the thing about doing small family daycare. The odds are at some point during the year you’ll end up with a quiet day…

Other news this week, I officially have my General Hospital blog up and running. I was a little surprised at how much traffic generated from day one. Not huge or anything, but I got twenty hits the first day! People love their General Hospital I guess! I was inspired to start it after applying for a guide position at running their GH website. I didn’t get it, and was a bit disappointed (obviously the GH site is a decent money maker with the amount of traffic it generates). So I figured why not just make my own GH site, and see what I can do with it. The next time an opportunity comes up for a soap related site, I’ll be all set. Besides, I think some small part of me hopes that the writers over at GH will see my complaints and suddenly start writing better material…. It could happen…

Speaking of writing, it looks like I may be getting to interview The Coreys!!! (shriek! giggle! swoon!) That’s right, little ol me just might be interviewing both the Feldmaster and The Haimster for reality shack for the second season premier of A&E’s The Two Coreys. I should be getting a screener of the show and then if all works out get to interview both Coreys, of course the will not do interviews together, so it’ll be two separate interviews…. What do I ask? These are guys who I thought the sun rose & set with as a kid. I even saw Feldman live & in concert at Stoneridge Mall!!! Heck, my son is watching Goonies right now! I hope it works out! Keep your fingers crossed! In the mean time, hit up Reality Shack to catch up on the first season of The two Coreys and to get your hilarious fill of all things reality show related!
I wrote about my experience seeing Corey Feldman in concert over on JamsBio…

Well I’m officially a columnist for JamsBio’s Biolog! I got an email yesterday. It’s a paid thing (W-9 and everything!). I’m not about to quit the day job or anything, but it’s something!! I can actually say “I’m a columnist”. So I’m no Carrie Bradshaw or anything, but it’s a nifty start… I’m also getting paid a little extra to help load up their new game they added to the site too. It’s terribly addictive I recommend trying it immediately…
JamsBio Games
The Biolog

I am an Entertainment Weekly junkie, and through it have found a new BFF (Ok, so we’ll never actually meet or anything, but in my mind she’s my new BFF) Diablo Cody! She is hilarious, and when it comes to taste in pop culture I think we share the same brain… In her column, “Binge Thinking” in this weeks issue she talked about the return of 90210! Specifically the coup that is the CW getting both Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth to reprise their legendary Beverly Hills roles for the spin off coming to the CW this fall. Every 30-ish gal our age knows that this is huge news. My pop culture world would only be complete if they somehow made it known to the 90210 masses that Dylan has left Kelly & returned to be with Brenda in Paris. In your face Kelly Taylor!
Binge Thinking w/Diablo Cody

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