Thursday, Again?

Congratulations to American Idol winner David Cook. Let’s be honest though, he had it in the bag… Though I’ve admitted through the course of the season that I was not watching as diligently as I normally do, I watched enough to know that it was his for the taking from day one. Not to mention I love to see someone win AI who truly “Gets It” (I.E. Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia…). Cheers to the Cook family, and I hope he does well… What a finale though!!! Bryan Adams was great except for, ya know, making the AI contestants all look PRETTY damn cheesy. AI should think twice about having real rockstars perform with their, I guess you could say, rockstars in training. And how about David Cook & ZZ Top? Being a lover a ZZ Top from way back, I have to admit, they weren’t at their best. In all honesty, I’ve thought that about the last couple TV appearances they’ve made. Cook rocked it though. I LOVED Graham Nash and Brooke White. The tribute to George Michael was awesome, and I just about flipped when he walked out (I being UNAWARE he was performing, DUH). I was quickly disappointed though. He seemed off, and I didn’t care for the song too much. It all made sense when he made a point saying he had a cold…So what was the highlight of the finale? OH yea, that’s easy, this…

Bad news about the E! Network kids, apparently the head of programming is… SATAN!! That’s my theory anyway after seeing the ads for two new shows premiering this week, “Living Lohan” is a reality show following the life of Lindsey’s mom, Dina. Lindsey refusing to have ANYTHING to do with it, won’t even allow her voice to be heard over the phone. That’s a family with issues, you know where Lindsey Lohan is the smart one… Not to be outdone by Dina Lohan in the quest for queen publicity whore (a title that is currently held by Britney I believe) Denise Richards, most famous for divorcing Charlie Sheen and Sleeping with her BFF’s (Heather Locklear) husband (Richie Sambora), has a show called “Complicated”. It’s supposed to be one of those “See, I may be famous but I’m really just like you” type of shows. We follow the single mom around in her daily doings. Her little girls presence on the show will be limited though. Charlie Sheen (father of both girls) actually tried to sue Denise so that the girls could not be shown on the show AT ALL. Sadly enough for them, he lost, but at least their exposure will be “limited”. Sounds to me like these girls only have one decent parent, and it sure as hell ain’t Denise. It’s not complicated at all really…. Good dad, bad mom…

My favorite author Chuck Palahniuck‘s new book, Snuff is out this week!!! I’m dying over here! Saturday we make a trip to Borders I think…

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  1. Christina
    May 23, 2008 @ 11:52:00

    What’s that say about Denise Richards when Charlie Sheen is the good parent? I haven’t read any Chuck P. books but they’re finding their way onto my reading list soon.


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