And So It Goes

Hip Hip Hooray! Our debt has been discharged! That’s right The Harvey Family Bankruptcy is finally OVER!!! We went to court on Wednesday, for what turned out to be the most anticlimactic 7 minutes of my life. We were so nervous, and our lawyer (God love the guy) had us expecting this very lengthy and detailed procedure. Nope, he asked us a few generic questions, and gave us his sympathies for both being self employed right now (during these trying economic times). After that he simply said “You’re excused”. It was so fast that we just kind of sat there for a second. We couldn’t believe that was it. I called our lawyer the next day and he sais “What are you callin me for, You’re done!”. Then he confirmed that our case had been approved and our debt had been discharged. YAY! I’m just happy to say, it’s over. Chapter over.

So I wrote my first blog post for JamsBio’s blog, check it and leave me some comments!

Iron Man: Feast For The Eyes AND The Ears…

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I heard something HORRIBLE in MSNBC. A story about this woman in Atlanta who passed away after a car accident. She had been rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and after she passed away, SOMEONE stole her rings!!! They weren’t any rings of course, they were diamond and platinum and of course she had custom designed them herself to be a symbol of the love her and her husband shared while he was away as  a Navy Pilot. No he’s alone with their 4 and 1 year old sons, and someone has taken the one thing she had to leave her boys. I put myself in her shoes, and I would want my kids to have them, I mean it would be VERY important to me. There is a reward being offered of $25,000. I certainly hope that they get returned. How awful is that?

Here’s The News Story

Was anyone watching Rock the Cradle? Yea, I know me neither, but I really wanted to be! I did catch episodes here and there, and was very pleased to see Chloe (Olivia Newton-John’s daughter) and Blaze (Dee Schneider’s son) were the finalists. Oh yea, and that Crosby kid (Kenny Loggin’s son) who I thought was nice, but no stage presence. I mean AT ALL. Zero, zilch, nada. Yet somehow, he won? Really ? First C. Thomas Howell has resorted to doing card tricks and now a non presence on the stage wins over two very unique and electric performers? Really? 
By the by, for those of who interested in the cosmic happenings over at JamsBio, might be interested to know that my brother’s old girlfriend is moving back to CA and they’re going to be together! You can read all about the very magical, yet true story here,
I registered for school this week, and am taking my assessment tests tomorrow. My immediate plan is just to get my associate teacher certificate, so i can teach pre-school. But I’m going to take advantage of the First-5 program (pays people who work with kids ages 0-5 to go to school) which tries to steer you towards getting your AA. I’m nervous about the assessment, it’s been soooo long since I’ve taken any kind of test. EEEK. Wish me luck…

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