Hello May

First and foremost of course, update on my dad. the oncologists have decided he is at Stage 2. This is positive news. On the 12th of this month he will begin a very aggressive treatment consisting of Chemo and Radiation at the same time. This will be in a world AWFUL, but we have every reason to believe that this will do the job. We are remaining positive, confident, and diligent in our prayers & good thoughts.

On a much lighter note, the Harvey family bankruptcy begins it’s final chapter this Wednesday when we FINALLY attend Bankruptcy court. We are very excited to be coming to the end of this saga. Hopefully it will end well. Now if only that stupid economic stimulus money will come so we can catch up on all the bills we fell behind on to pay for the stupid bankruptcy…
And even lighter than that, today Patrick & I went to see IRON MAN!!!! Yay!! It was so awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is the BEST SUPERHERO EVER! He’s my new hero. I love him. I’m obsessed, and madly in love with Robert Downey Jr. Patrick loved it too, and we had a great time. Best date I’ve had in years! Jon Favreau has done a great job for Marvel. I truly think that they’re new movie franchise will do well. Especially if they continue with inspired director and casting choices like they made with Iron Man.
Oh, TV. I’m shamed to admit that I watched VH1’s new celebreality show, Celebracadaba. VH1, you should be ashamed. First the Kid Star show, and now this? And C. Thomas Howell? Is this really all that’s out there for you? Really? If so, it’s a mad mad world. Man Up C. Thomas. Man Up, and ditch VH1 NOW! Remember, you’re a WOLVERINE man! WOLVERINE! 
Lost is FINALLY back, and keeping me up waaaaay too late. It’s too good to be on that late. 

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